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I am delighted beyond measure to say that my first book has been published by A Book Apart. Content Strategy for Mobile explains how organizations need to adapt their web content for our crazy, multi-device future.

I am so grateful to all the people at A Book Apart who made this happen. From start to finish, the experience of writing, editing, and publishing this book was a pleasure. This series of books deserves its sterling reputation: they are enjoyable, easy-to-read books on worthwhile topics. And, as with everything in content strategy, the root of good content is good people. Thanks to Mandy, Jason, Jeffrey, Krista, Casson, Max, and Rob, for caring about this book as much as I did, and to Paul Ford for writing the foreword.

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I’ve written more

Want to try before you buy? The first chapter of the book has been published as an excerpt on A List Apart.
Your Content, Now Mobile

I took over the whole issue of A List Apart, pairing the book excerpt with another new article. This one looks at the rise of the “mobile-mostly” user, and why the U.S. government has mandated that government agencies deliver key services on mobile devices.
Uncle Sam Wants You (to Optimize Your Content for Mobile)

.net Magazine published my opinion piece about the dangers of content forking and how the problems responsive design is trying to solve are really a problems in your CMS.
A separate mobile website: no forking way

I also did a Twitter Q&A for .net Magazine, answering questions about mobile content strategy, working with clients, and going “mobile first.”
Karen McGrane on content strategy

Last but not least, a little trip down memory lane. In the foreword to my book, Paul Ford says:

There’s a huge lesson in this book: that users have been readers all along. The rise of mobile platforms just makes this fact plain.

The very first piece I ever published on the web, way back in the dark ages of 1996, discussed just that very subject.
Reader as User: Applying interface design techniques to the web

I’m doing interviews

I got to talk about my favorite subjects, content strategy and content management, with one of my most very favorite people, Jeff Eaton, on his podcast from Lullabot.
Insert Content Here Episode 4

The lovely Leah Reich and the occasionally tolerable Mike Montiero were gracious enough to invite me into their studio for an interview on their podcast.
Let’s Make Mistakes Episode 71

I had a great conversation with Tim Kadlec about reusable content, the problem with WYSIWYG, and what the post-screen future means for content strategy. The fantastic people at Breaking Development even provided a transcript of this podcast!
Fresh Squeezed Mobile Podcast Episode 8

Still want more from me? Maybe you should buy my book.