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If the internet is more awesome than it was in 1995, Karen would like to claim a very tiny piece of the credit. For more than fifteen years Karen has helped create more usable digital products through the power of user experience design and content strategy. Today, she manages Bond Art + Science, a user experience consultancy she founded in 2006, where she has led content strategy and information architecture engagements for The Atlantic, Fast Company, Franklin Templeton, and Fidelity.

Prior to starting Bond, Karen helped build the User Experience practice at Razorfish, hired as the very first Information Architect and leaving as the VP and National Lead for User Experience. There she led major redesign initiatives for The New York Times, Condé Nast, Disney, and Citibank, and managed a diverse team of information architects, content strategists, and user researchers.

Karen is the author of Content Strategy for Mobile, published by A Book Apart.

Karen is on the faculty of the MFA in Interaction Design program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where she teaches Design Management, which aims to give students the skills they need to run successful projects, teams, and businesses. She is also on the management team of consulting and venture capital firm Ignite Venture Partners, serving as their VP of Digital.

Karen’s only real professional experience is in content strategy and user experience design, work she pursued after receiving an M.S. in Technical Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she focused her research on interface design and usability. Her unprofessional work experience includes working in a hat factory and doing mall appearances as the Muppet Ernie.

A Minneapolis native, she has lived in Manhattan for a decade and a half, most of them with a Boston Terrier named Sputnik.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Amanda D says:

    Yes, I am one of those who found your site by googling “hearing aid reviews”. I am about to purchase my next set and I am debating on staying with or leaving Widex. I currently have the Widex M4-9. I read this in one of your posts and it sounded just like something I seem to say constantly “I have a well-rehearsed routine if I ever have to take a call on my mobile that involves removing my hearing aid and hooking it over my thumb. Also, please never call me. That’s why God invented text messaging.” Have you tried the DEX device by Widex that works in a similar way as bluetooth with iphones, ipods, etc but doesn’t drain the battery as fast?

  2. Niklas says:

    Hi sixpuns, I was just checking out Karen’s site and noticed your comment. I’m a technical writer. Proper education is essential in the field. I hold a BS in Technical Communication from the University of Washington. I would not be a successful technical writer without the education I received, but this is certainly a field that values experience and technical skill over degrees held.

    So with that in mind, I recommend that you look for a TC department that is part of the college of engineering rather than the college of arts and sciences. If your TC degree has more of an engineering focus (e.g., basic programming classes), then you will be far more successful than your peers who spent their education learning philosophical logic rules and reading Shakespeare.

  3. Linda DeMarco says:

    I’ve enjoyed finding you to hear how a user felt about various hearing aids. Especially interesting was you comments about spending all that money on Widex when it really wasn’t any better than it was years ago. I settled on Resound at that time but I’m ready for something more. I also teach and sing. Conversation is getting difficult and I have to find singing teachers who are very familiar with sound production and reception to make sure I don’t sing like I’m deaf. hahah an oxymoron. If you come in contact with any singers who are experiencing trying to keep in good voice with deafness please contact me. I’m also interested in hearing how you made a business of user experience design.
    Linda D

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