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Articles By Karen

  1. Windows on the Web

    You have five minutes while waiting for a friend to meet you for lunch, so you find yourself shopping for a new pair of shoes. When your friend arrives, you put the phone away, but leave the web page open to help you remember what you found when you get home. Read more

  2. Doing UX

    Too often, when designers get hired to “do UX“ they have to convince entrenched parts of the organization that UX is a real job. Change will only happen once we have leaders that set the standard. Read more

  3. Uncle Sam Wants You (to Optimize Your Content for Mobile)

    It’s easy to get frustrated by the pace of change in mobile. Companies drag their feet about actually delivering content and services optimized for mobile devices, commissioning yet more research to “prove” the need for a mobile strategy. Meanwhile, we tap away at our ever-more-capable smartphones and tablets, pinching and zooming our way through sites designed for a much larger screen. Read more

  4. A Separate Mobile Website? No Forking Way!

    The danger with an m-dot site is that you'll fork your content into separate desktop and mobile versions. To deliver on the promise of adaptive content, you need a CMS that will help you manage and maintain content variations. Read more

  5. Mobile > Local

    Read more

  6. What I do matters. Yours is bullshit.

    My job is real and important and necessary. Your job is a made-up lie. Read more

  7. In Defense of Lorem Ipsum

    Lorem Ipsum is just like every other tool in a designer's toolkit. When used intentionally, it can help the design process. Read more

  8. What is Interaction Design History?

    How do you distinguish the history of interaction design or user experience design from the broader scope of computing history? Read more

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