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  1. What is Interaction Design History?

    How do you distinguish the history of interaction design or user experience design from the broader scope of computing history?

  2. In Defense of Lorem Ipsum

    Lorem Ipsum is just like every other tool in a designer's toolkit. When used intentionally, it can help the design process.

    UIE Tips,

  3. What I do matters. Yours is bullshit.

    My job is real and important and necessary. Your job is a made-up lie.

  4. Mobile > Local

  5. A Separate Mobile Website? No Forking Way!

    The danger with an m-dot site is that you'll fork your content into separate desktop and mobile versions. To deliver on the promise of adaptive content, you need a CMS that will help you manage and maintain content variations.

    Creative Bloq,

  6. Uncle Sam Wants You (to Optimize Your Content for Mobile)

    It’s easy to get frustrated by the pace of change in mobile. Companies drag their feet about actually delivering content and services optimized for mobile devices, commissioning yet more research to “prove” the need for a mobile strategy. Meanwhile, we tap away at our ever-more-capable smartphones and tablets, pinching and zooming our way through sites designed for a much larger screen.

    A List Apart,

  7. Doing UX

    Too often, when designers get hired to “do UX“ they have to convince entrenched parts of the organization that UX is a real job. Change will only happen once we have leaders that set the standard.

    The Pastry Box Project,

  8. Windows on the Web

    You have five minutes while waiting for a friend to meet you for lunch, so you find yourself shopping for a new pair of shoes. When your friend arrives, you put the phone away, but leave the web page open to help you remember what you found when you get home.

    A List Apart,

  9. Your job is going to suck

    Your job is going to suck. Not all the time, of course. But some of the time. You’re going to do things you don’t like, sometimes. You’re going to do things you don’t love, most of the time.

  10. Give a crap. Don’t give a fuck.

    How do you know if you’re doing a good job? There’s always an external way to measure quality—being prepared, attending to the details, listening to the collective wisdom about what it means to do good work. Give a crap about the little things, and you’re good.

    A List Apart,

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  1. Karen McGrane Is Thinking About Her Feet

    The show where Jenn Lukas and Val Head interview guests about their experiences while taking the stage.

    Ladies in Tech,

  2. Building a Responsive Content Campaign

    Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane discuss the highs and lows of large-scale responsive design projects, and explain how they targeted and promoted their series of responsive design workshops.

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  3. Karen McGrane’s 2013 Year in Review

    Jeff Eaton and Karen McGrane look back at the events and content strategy trends of 2013, and make their predictions for the coming year. Along the way, they discuss the challenge of content marketing overload, the future of WYSIWYG editors, the evolution of content migration tools, and more.

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  4. Mobile Strategies for Your Content

    Ensuring that your site is responsive or adaptive is becoming essential to your mobile design strategy. With the plethora of devices available, users want to be able to access your site on whichever one they’re using. The days of the separate mobile site are gone. But as your design is reflowing to display perfectly across devices, what’s happening to your content?

    UIE Spoolcast,

  5. Episode 89

    This week we were joined by Karen McGrane. Karen is a mobile content strategist and has a fantastic book called Content Strategy for Mobile.

    ShopTalk Show,

  6. Episode № 42

    Seeking out the best, brightest, and smartest creative people on digital art, design, and development. From workflows to life hacks, we examine why they do what they do and how they did it.

    Non Breaking Space Show,

  7. Adapting to Change Through Compassion

    In Episode 18 of the Together London Podcast, Karen McGrane talks about adapting to change, telling stories about our mistakes, and using compassion to get better outcomes.

    Together London,

  8. Karen McGrane on the future of content strategy

    UX expert Karen McGrane chats to Martin Cooper about Google Glass, information architecture and why we should all get on board the content strategy train as soon as possible.


  9. Karen McGrane on mobile, content strategy, fixing technology and the media culture

    Using ‘Hire humans. Not skills. Not roles.’ as our marching orders, the Lab’s profiles are Q&As with highly-impressive makers and strategists from media (and its fringes), each with unique perspectives on journalism, publishing and communications technology. We’re after smart people shaping the ways we communicate with technology, and not all of them work in a newsroom.

    Northwestern University Knight Lab,

  10. Karen McGrane on building a strategy for mobile

    The content strategist and UX designer says that mobile will be the fulcrum to push smart publishers to restructure their content for a multi-platform future.


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