Every project I have ever done

A while back I went through my hard drive and captured a list of every project I've ever done, spanning the years 1998 – 2018, so twenty years of projects. These are in alphabetical order because I'm a bit fuzzy on the dates.

  1. Alere: Multi-year retainer relationship doing UX and IA for the employee-facing experience of an employer wellness program site.

  2. Avaya: A long term Razorfish retainer client, I don't think I did any real work but I know I went to some meetings.

  3. BankOne: Led UX design for Bank One's first launch of transactional online banking, alongside a rebranding and relaunch of the public facing website. They merged into J.P. Morgan a few years later.

  4. BMW: Helped manage a user research and persona development project looking at online research and shopping behaviors for BMW.

  5. BrokerTec: I can't really remember, this was one of a million wonky financial services projects.

  6. Buzzr: Partnered with Lullabot and a former client to build an easier-to-use interface on top of Drupal 6. I gave a deposition in a trademark violation dispute against the new Buzzr game show TV network in which I was asked to define the difference between wireframes and design comps.

  7. Celebrity Cruises: Consulted on how they might turn some of their existing designs into reusable design patterns with a supporting structured content model.

  8. Cendant: I led user research and UX design for a multi-brand redesign for this budget hotel chain. I talk about this project extensively in one of my content strategy presentations.

  9. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Previously consulted on content strategy and taxonomy in support of a redesign and replatforming to Drupal.

  10. Citibank: My very first project out of grad school was developing an entirely new online bank for Citibank, because that is a thing that happened in 1998. Also worked on all kinds of concepts for integrating Citibank into Kinko's.

  11. Civic Commons: A very small amount of information architecture work.

  12. CK Media: Yeah this turned into a huge fuckup. I feel really bad about that whole project. It was built on Joomla!

  13. CNN: Super small project doing some information visualizations showing flu data. I also pitched and won a CNN.com redesign but then quit my job at Razorfish.

  14. College Board: I kind of blocked this one out.

  15. CondéNet: I was on the executive steering committee for the relationship between Razorfish and Condé Nast. I also led or consulted on UX design for Concierge, Domino, Epicurious, and the launch of Flip.com.

  16. Cut and Paste: UX design for a social sharing site based around live demonstration design event Cut&Paste.

  17. Dachis Group: Led brand and website design for Dachis Group, a social media consultancy based in Austin, later acquired by Sprinklr.

  18. East coast financial services co: Consulted with large, privately held financial services firm on content strategy for their public facing website.

  19. East coast financial services co: Currently consulting on content strategy for a public-facing site redesign.

  20. East coast media co: Currently consulting on content strategy and CMS vendor evaluation

  21. Encyclopedia Britannica: Have you ever heard of Wikipedia? I worked on a website for the opposite of that.

  22. ESL Credit Union: Consulted on web and content strategy for the redesign of their public facing website and delivered recommendations to their executive team.

  23. Everything.com: Led the design of a new website based on the Everything series of books (similar to the For Dummies series).

  24. EYP Architecture: Led the redesign of this architecture firm website and implemented Drupal. EYP is the top US firm in sustainable design.

  25. Fast Company: Led UX design for the relaunch of the Fast Company website, based on a user-generated content model later adopted by Forbes and others.

  26. Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Led UX design and information architecture for the Fed intranet.

  27. Food & Wine: Consulted on content strategy and CMS development for magazine and recipe site owned by Time Inc.

  28. Franklin Templeton: Produced campaign microsites including Flash-based information visualizations for this financial services firm.

  29. GE Silicones: I'm sure I went to some meetings.

  30. go.com: I presented wireframes in the Disney boardroom to Michael Eisner and Robert Iger, and that's not even the best story from this project.

  31. Guardian: One of my very first content strategy projects in 1999 for an insurance website.

  32. Hearst: Consulted on multi-platform content strategy, taxonomy, and publishing workflow for their Design Group (shelter) titles. Consulted on digital publishing workflow for launch of Seventeen mobile app.

  33. IBM: Consulted on CMS replatforming of IBM marketing and sales sites.

  34. Inc. Magazine: I worked on a few specific new editorial features for Inc. and the Inc. 500, but not a full redesign. Through the relationship with Fast Company and Inc. I met my lawyer.

  35. Interland: I am almost positive this was an Atlanta based hosting company but I can't remember much else.

  36. JP Morgan: Worked on an intensive 6-week project called e-SWAT to design and build their first intranet. Presented to some of their executives.

  37. Julia Baker: Small store website for a chocolatier. Made me realize I didn't want to be in the small website business.

  38. Leo Ingwer: See above. But for a jewelry store in NYC.

  39. Lullabot: I've partnered on several projects with Drupal shop Lullabot. I think we also worked on some designs for their website, which I don't think they liked and never used.

  40. Manulife: Led UX design for a 401(k) retirement savings site for the US division of a Canadian bank

  41. Marriott: Consulted on multi-platform content strategy and developed content models for this global hotel chain.

  42. MCI Worldcom: I believe I worked on three separate website launches to support company rebranding before this company succumbed to accounting scandals and its CEO went to prison.

  43. McKinsey: Lightweight consulting on information architecture for their intranet and knowledge management system.

  44. Medtronic: Produced training materials on content strategy and multi-device design for their in-house use.

  45. Modern Feed: User experience design for a video startup.

  46. Movable Type: Consulted on content management strategy and product positioning for the Japanese owners of this legacy CMS

  47. National Journal: Conducted digital strategy workshop and consulted on content strategy and IA for the web launch of this historically outrageously expensive weekly magazine.

  48. New Pig: Led a one-day content strategy workshop.

  49. Nielsen Media Research: Led UX design for their public-facing website, explaining how Nielsen products work

  50. NikeSportswear: Produced a marketing website for the launch of NikeSportswear to coincide with the start of the Beijing Olympics on 8/8/08.

  51. NYPL: Led the design of a site about African-American migrations for the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Led the design of a site to show images from the library archive. Led the redesign of the public-facing website.

  52. NYTimes: Led the redesign of the website.

  53. NYU Langone: Consulted on content strategy and publishing workflow for the launch of a news site, which included print-to-web processes. Led the design of the news site.

  54. Ogilvy: Consulted on org structure and process within their UX team.

  55. Omnicom: Omnicom bought up a bunch of digital agencies in the late 90s. Razorfish was probably the least favorite of management so they picked us to build the Omnicom corporate site. It did not go well.

  56. P&G: I spent a weekend at a P&G executive's house in the deep suburbs of Cincinnati participating in a brainstorming session about digital strategy.

  57. PILI: Consulted on digital and content strategy for the launch of a non-profit website, wrote the RFP, and helped select a design partner.

  58. PIMCO: This was an early website for a bonds and mutual funds company. It was yellow. There was a lot of yellow.

  59. Platts: I know it was a website. I can remember going to meetings in a midtown office tower.

  60. Playbill: Led UX design for a website that allowed people to search and browse the historical archive of Playbill.

  61. Plum Benefits: Very interesting! Small user research project that identified a new persona for this service offering discounted Broadway theater tickets to employees.

  62. Postlight: Ethan did the front end code for their website and I wrote some emails and made a little spreadsheet and explained to Paul Ford why a CMS is useful on a website.

  63. Prism: The only reason I recall this project is it recently came up in a deposition I gave about a trademark violation on a different project.

  64. Quicken Loans: Consulted on content strategy, including content modeling, taxonomy, design patterns, and CMS vendor evaluation.

  65. School of Visual Arts: Who am I to be consulting on web design for a leading design school? Why, I have a degree in Philosophy and a Masters of Science from an engineering school!

  66. Schwab: I didn't really do a lot on this project but would like to take a moment to remember that one of Razorfish's first recommendations was they should quit calling it e-Schwab.

  67. SetClear: This was an interaction design and branding project for one of those financial services firms you could never explain to anyone if you tried.

  68. SFX: Beatport was going to have a news site to cover EDM, but I don't think it went anywhere and the company went bankrupt.

  69. Signal Patterns: I have a patent on the information visualization developed to display the psychological Five Factor model.

  70. Stubby Dog: Provided some free consulting for this pitbull advocacy organization.

  71. Tablet Hotels: Did a little bit of IA work for Tablet's mobile site. I used to work with their creative director.

  72. Telenor: Did a workshop and some content strategy consulting for a mobile carrier in Sweden.

  73. The Atlantic: Under Justin Smith's new management, worked on the relaunch of The Atlantic website alongside the magazine's rebranding by Pentagram.

  74. The Toast: Ah, The Toast. A full case study.

  75. The Week: Led the design of the first website for the US version of this weekly newsmagazine, based on the custom CMS designed for Maxim. Owner Felix Dennis was not into it.

  76. Thompson Media: This is not Thomson Reuters. I did a small information architecture consulting project for this knowledge management company.

  77. TIAA-CREF: They had a very fancy branding agency in Boston and I went to some meetings at their office.

  78. Time Inc.: Various consulting projects with this now-defunct publisher.

  1. Time Out: Led the redesign of Time Out New York.

  2. Travel & Leisure: Consulted on content model and geographical taxonomy for this travel publisher.

  3. Travelocity: There was a big competitive audit, I remember that. I think this was more of a digital strategy engagement.

  4. TurnTo: I made so many wireframes for this startup. I will never, ever do that again.

  5. Veritas: Pretty sure this was a west coast tech firm that needed a new website, and I was there for some of the early discovery process.

  6. Verizon: Razorfish had a long-term relationship with Verizon and I recall doing some meetings and workshops.

  7. W Magazine: Led a round of usability testing for the launch of a new feature on their website.

  8. Wells Fargo: Content strategy consulting, providing recommendations on how to move forward with a mobile website.

  9. Wesleyan: I was planning to kick off the redesign of this college website on the morning of 9/11.

  10. West coast social media co: Consulted on content strategy, specifically around personalized messaging for verified users.

  11. West coast tech co: A content strategy project developing a subsite for their brand team was cancelled after we finished the work.

  12. West coast tech co: Consulted on content strategy for their intranet.

  13. West coast tech co: Currently consulting on content strategy for an intranet.

  14. West Marine: Information architecture and in-store user research for this marine supply store.

  15. Workstreamer: This was a startup that was like Yammer but did not get to be Yammer.

  16. wowowow: That stands for Women on the Web and it was sort of a group blog for older women with successful media careers who wanted to try out the internet.

  17. WSJ: Honest to god, I had no idea what this was. Apparently in 1998 I did the UX for a tour of the new Wall Street Journal website. I had to look it up in my files and I have zero recollection of ever doing this.

  18. WWE: I did like three days of consulting with Lullabot on this project and it will forever be the greatest project ever. Also fascinating and complicated.

  19. Zune: Remember Zune? Poor Microsoft. Bond worked on marketing sites for them but it really never had a chance.

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