Introducing Autogram

I am delighted to announce that I am starting a new strategic consultancy with Ethan Marcotte and Jeff Eaton called Autogram.

Since 2006, I’ve managed my consulting practice as Bond Art + Science. Today, I am excited to say that I'm starting a new firm with my long-time collaborators, Ethan Marcotte & Jeff Eaton.

We’re forming Autogram, a strategic consultancy focused on the intersection of three problem spaces:

  • Content management and services platforms

  • Component-oriented design systems

  • Digital strategy and governance at scale

We've worked together on many projects, but last year we started sharing notes and brainstorming about the intractable problems our clients grappled with. We were excited by advances in tools like how headless CMS and pattern libraries could streamline digital processes, but saw clients increasingly frustrated that investing in these new systems failed to deliver the value they expected.

We saw that best practices for efficient digital operations were limited to small teams, and that attempts to scale them across the business were hampered by organizational silos and politics —these new tools and processes failed to solve the underlying problems.

The approaches we’ve developed—and our proven value tackling these problems collaboratively—have us excited about the future. If the challenges I mentioned sound familiar or you’d like to share some war stories, drop us a line.

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