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  1. A Lens A Day #50 - Component vs. Page

    Dan Brown and Karen McGrane discuss the practice of information architecture.

    By Dan Brown, A Lens a Day,

  2. Autogram: Content and Design Systems for Enterprises – Episode 84

    Orchestrating the strategy, design, and software work that comes with enterprise-scale digital projects is a complex and painstaking mission. It’s hard to imagine a team better equipped to take on these challenges than the founders of Autogram.

    By Larry Swanson, Elless Media,

  3. Two out of two news organizations recommend user research

    Karen is quoted in this article about how ProPublica and The New York Times are pioneering user experience research within their organizations.

    By Laura Hazard Owen, NiemanLab,

  4. Wikipedia Entry

    I have an entry on Wikipedia. It was deleted for not being notable enough, and then reinstated because apparently I am notable enough.


  5. Keynote Interview: Karen McGrane

    We are very excited to announce the first official keynote speaker for the Ingeniux User Conference 2016: Karen McGrane! Karen is a recognized expert and thought leader in the content strategy, information architecture, and interaction design fields. In this exclusive interview with Ingeniux, Karen discusses what drew her to these fields, as well as her thoughts on the current content management landscape after 20+ years in the industry.

    By Riley Edmunds, Ingeniux,

  6. UX Content Strategy w/ Karen McGrane

    How to create and manage content for high-end websites. Karen McGrane is one of the pioneers of UX Design. She shares her knowledge and insights on managing organizations, websites and people. Learn some UX design terminology and why Content Strategy it's so important in a website project.

    By Jose Caballer, The Futur,

  7. Book Review: “Content Strategy For Mobile” by Karen McGrane

    This weekend, I read McGrane’s book to get a better understanding of her philosophy toward mobile content strategy. I would recommend that others who’ve seen her dynamic presentations or read her writings on mobile content strategy do the same. It is a short book that effectively gives a better understanding of where she stands when it comes to mobile content, and of how to evangelize for mobile in your organization.

    By Bryson Meunier, Martech,

  8. The Story of Lorem Ipsum: How Scrambled Text by Cicero Became Used by Typesetters Everywhere

    Karen's "spirited defense" gets a mention in this article about the use of Lorem Ipsum.

    By Josh Jones, Open Culture,

  9. Pioneering content strategy and UX

    Enterprise content architectures are maturing and finally beginning to separate content from its presentation. But old-fashioned artifacts like PDF files still abound, and authors still expect WYSIWYG editing experiences. And when Karen McGrane reflects on her work 25 years ago at Razorfish she's struck by how the team structures and business practices they adopted there are still relevant today.

    By Larry Swanson, Elless Media,

  10. Episode 25

    Karen McGrane joins Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin to discuss putting publications online, the state of content management, careers in web design, running a design business, teaching UX and design, and more.

    By Jeffrey Zeldman, The Big Web Show,

  11. Karen McGrane on Finding UX Work

    Today on Radio Johnny Jeff Parks chats with Karen McGrane about how the future leaders in design can build a strong portfolio and interview skills to land their dream career. Karen also address the need to work effectively within the multi-disciplinary teams that make up every sector today when given the title of User Experience Designer.

    By Jeff Parks, Radio Johnny,

  12. An Exclusive Interview with UX and Content Strategy Expert Karen McGrane

    In a 30-minute sit-down interview, I had the pleasure to discuss a multitude of topics with one of the foremost leaders in user experience and content strategy for the web and mobile. Below you will find the interview in full along with a 30-minute video of Karen's discussion at our re\VISION Boston

    By Ibexa,

  13. Karen McGrane on content strategy

    By Elizabeth McGuane, Intercom,

  14. Karen McGrane — Content and discontent

    Track Changes,

  15. Interview with Karen McGrane —”Adaptive content is not an automagical solution”

    In this interview, Karen McGrane, founder of Bond Art + Science and keynote speaker at the upcoming International PHP Conference 2016, is sharing her views on the reality of adaptive content and the amount of magic that resides in this buzzword. She is also pondering on ways that adaptive content can support tailoring content according to context and ways that can go wrong.

    By Gabriela Motroc, Jaxenter,

  16. Going Responsive with Karen McGrane

    It’s clear. Responsive is the way to go. One website for all screen sizes, for all devices. But what does it take for a company with an pre-existing site or pre-existing way of working together to make the needed changes to go responsive? It's not about the media queries. It's about everything else. Karen McGrane joins Jen Simmons to talk about her new book, and to imagine an amazing future.

    By Jen Simmons, The Web Ahead,

  17. Content Strategist Karen McGrane: 'Content Marketing Isn't a Strategy

    Karen explains the principles of adaptive content and how it makes personalization possible, but not easy.

    By Lorraine Chandler, CMS Wire,

  18. Maker Series Recap

    In the intimate Maker Series setting with 35 other people who care about content, Karen McGrane took us all to church, preaching that we have to stop stalling. We have to “stop the bleeding.” We all have to get comfortable with iterating.

    By Emily Gray, Sparkbox,

  19. The State of Omnichannel 2020

    For this webinar, we brought together content management expert Karen McGrane of Bond Art + Science and Brian Warrick of Magnolia Americas to provide the answers you need to build an impactful omnichannel strategy.

    By Brian Warrick, Magnolia,

  20. Adaptive Content: The Way to Your Customer’s Heart

    Adaptive content holds more promise than ever for marketers who want to scale their efforts.

    By Marcia Riefer Johnston, Content Marketing Institute,

  21. Best Practices for Content Planning in UX Design

    Karen recommends teams take steps to maximize the relationship between content and user experience teams.

    By Sheena Lyonnais, Adobe Blog,

  22. Topics and assemblies

    Karen McGrane is our sensei. She shows us why traditional CMSs, which descended from desktop publishing that work in terms of pages, are the wrong solution to digitally delivering content.

    By Dmytri Kleiner and Stephen Pastan, Contentful,

  23. Using information architecture to make distributed teamwork easier

    When you’re working from home, it’s hard to tell how well you’re communicating with your team.

    By Drew Pearce, Dropbox blog,

  24. Are Your Design Teams and Content Teams Working at Odds With Each Other?

    To understand the challenges that these content teams undergo and also provide tips for brands to improve their content workflows, we spoke to the experts.

    By Kaya Ismail, CMS Wire,

  25. Building a Responsive Content Campaign

    Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane discuss the highs and lows of large-scale responsive design projects, and explain how they targeted and promoted their series of responsive design workshops.

    By Jeff Eaton, Insert Content Here,

  26. Karen McGrane's 2013 Year in Review

    Jeff Eaton and Karen McGrane look back at the events and content strategy trends of 2013, and make their predictions for the coming year. Along the way, they discuss the challenge of content marketing overload, the future of WYSIWYG editors, the evolution of content migration tools, and more.

    By Jeff Eaton, Insert Content Here,

  27. Mobile Strategies for Your Content

    Ensuring that your site is responsive or adaptive is becoming essential to your mobile design strategy. With the plethora of devices available, users want to be able to access your site on whichever one they’re using. The days of the separate mobile site are gone. But as your design is reflowing to display perfectly across devices, what’s happening to your content?

    By Jared Spool, UIE Spoolcast,

  28. Episode 89

    This week we were joined by Karen McGrane. Karen is a mobile content strategist and has a fantastic book called Content Strategy for Mobile.

    By Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert, ShopTalk Show,

  29. Episode № 42

    Seeking out the best, brightest, and smartest creative people on digital art, design, and development. From workflows to life hacks, we examine why they do what they do and how they did it.

    By Christopher Schmitt, Non Breaking Space Show,

  30. Karen McGrane on the future of content strategy

    UX expert Karen McGrane chats to Martin Cooper about Google Glass, information architecture and why we should all get on board the content strategy train as soon as possible.

    By Martin Cooper, CreativeBloq,

  31. Karen McGrane on mobile, content strategy, fixing technology and the media culture

    Using ‘Hire humans. Not skills. Not roles.’ as our marching orders, the Lab’s profiles are Q&As with highly-impressive makers and strategists from media (and its fringes), each with unique perspectives on journalism, publishing and communications technology. We’re after smart people shaping the ways we communicate with technology, and not all of them work in a newsroom.

    By Miranda Mulligan, Northwestern University Knight Lab,

  32. Karen McGrane on building a strategy for mobile

    The content strategist and UX designer says that mobile will be the fulcrum to push smart publishers to restructure their content for a multi-platform future.

    By Joshua Benton, NiemanLab,

  33. Karen McGrane on Editorial Workflow

    Karen McGrane and Jeff Eaton discuss their experiences building editorial interfaces for large CMS projects, the challenge of bridging online process with offline reality, and the fact that Microsoft Word will never, ever die.

    By Jeff Eaton, Insert Content Here,

  34. Adapting Your Content for Mobile

    As more web capable devices hit the market, designers need to consider where and how their designs will be seen. Unfortunately, the same consideration isn’t always made when it comes to content. With design changing so much in a multichannel environment, content must be structured independent of how it will eventually look.

    By Jared Spool, UIE Spoolcast,

  35. Year in Review with Karen McGrane

    Jeff Eaton and Karen McGrane review 2012's best articles, presentations, and conversations about structured content, responsive design, and more.

    By Jeff Eaton, Insert Content Here,

  36. Karen McGrane on Content Strategy for Mobile

    Jeff Eaton and Karen McGrane discuss the rise of mobile; the challenges of transitioning to reusable content; and Karen's new book, Content Strategy for Mobile.

    By Jeff Eaton, Insert Content Here,

  37. Discovery Session 30

    This episode features an interview with Karen McGrane of Bond Art + Science.

    By Gerard Dolan, UX Discovery Session Podcast,

  38. Karen McGrane on Web Strategy

    Karen McGrane talks about planning systems of flexible web content that can be used in a variety of places. And about the need for better content entry workflows.

    By Jen Simmons, The Web Ahead,

  39. Karen McGrane on content strategy

    Content strategist and information architect Karen McGrane fields your questions on mobile content, working with clients, and implementing ‘mobile first’

    Creative Bloq,

  40. Shifting: The Page

    Karen McGrane works in the gap between organizations with enormous stacks of unruly content and the emerging processes and systems that can help them impose order and sense. She also teaches at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), speaks internationally, and occasionally sits down with us to talk about the future of information.

    Contents Magazine,

  41. Integrating Content Strategy into Your Design Process

    In any website, there’s a lot of thought that goes into the visual design. But a great visual design is worthless if the site isn’t useful. If the content is confusing, poorly constructed, or even just missing, your users are going to have a horrible experience.

    By Jared Spool, UIE Spoolcast

  42. Karen McGrane: CS Forum podcast episode 4

    In the fourth episode of the Content Strategy Forum podcast, we interview Karen McGrane, one of our headline speakers.

    By Randall Snare, Content Strategy Forum,

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