Adaptive Content

  1. COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere

    With the growing need and ability to be portable comes tremendous opportunity for content providers. But it also requires substantial changes to their thinking and their systems.

    By Daniel Jacobson,

  2. Nimble Report

    Publishing in the digital age must support nimble content.

    By Rachel Lovinger

  3. Adaptive Content: The Way to Your Customer’s Heart

    A few examples of adaptive content and how it benefits the web from the Content Marketing Institute.

    By Marcia Riefer Johnston, Content Marketing Institute,

  4. Situational Awareness: A Method for Mobile Content Planning

    By Darin Wonn, Johnny Holland,

  5. Condé Nast Is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

    Condé Nast makes two different versions of the magazine layout, one for portrait and one for landscape.

  6. Breaking Down Condé Nast's E-Sales

    Digital editions equal 1.3 percent of total circulation.


  7. Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy

    Insights and guidelines that will help you develop a unified content strategy – a repeatable, systematic plan that can help you reach your customers, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

    By Ann Rockley

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