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  1. Pioneering content strategy and UX

    Enterprise content architectures are maturing and finally beginning to separate content from its presentation. But old-fashioned artifacts like PDF files still abound, and authors still expect WYSIWYG editing experiences. And when Karen McGrane reflects on her work 25 years ago at Razorfish she's struck by how the team structures and business practices they adopted there are still relevant today.

    By Larry Swanson, Elless Media,

  2. In Defense of Lorem Ipsum

    Lorem Ipsum is just like every other tool in a designer's toolkit. When used intentionally, it can help the design process.

    UIE Tips,

  3. Responsive Design Won’t Fix Your Content Problem

    For years, we’ve told clients to serve the same content to every platform. We explained that Responsive Web Design allows content to squish itself into any container. Is it any wonder, then, that the belief has slowly grown that RWD can act as a substitute for actual content strategy?

    A List Apart,

  4. Uncle Sam Wants You (to Optimize Your Content for Mobile)

    It’s easy to get frustrated by the pace of change in mobile. Companies drag their feet about actually delivering content and services optimized for mobile devices, commissioning yet more research to “prove” the need for a mobile strategy. Meanwhile, we tap away at our ever-more-capable smartphones and tablets, pinching and zooming our way through sites designed for a much larger screen.

    A List Apart,

  5. Responsive Design Won’t Fix Your Content Problem

    A List Apart,

  6. Responsive Design is a Poor Man’s Content Strategy

    By Ric van Westhreenen,

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