Future Platforms

  1. The Immobile Web

    Why should web developers focused on mobile learn about the web on TVs? Because TVs represent the next challenge in device proliferation. They share common characteristics with their smaller brethren. They create new challenges and opportunities we haven't encountered yet. And most importantly, learning how to build for TVs helps inform our practices of building for mobile devices.

    By Jason Grigsby

  2. Google is preparing for screenless computers

    The spread of computing to every corner of our physical world doesn’t just mean a proliferation of screens large and small—it also means we’ll soon come to rely on mobile computers with no screens at all.


  3. The Ultimate Internet Toaster

    The Scan Toaster is a finalist in a design competition run by manufacturer Electrolux and designer Sung Bae Chang said he got the idea while—you guessed it—making some toast.

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