Useful Stats

  1. Cell Phone Activities 2013

    91% of American adults own a mobile phone.

    Pew Internet,

  2. Smartphone Ownership 2013

    56% of American adults are now smartphone owners—79% of Americans 18-24, 81% aged 25-34, and 69% aged 35-44 own a smartphone.

    Pew Internet,

  3. Mobile Search Moments Study

    77% of mobile searches take place at home or work, only 17% on-the-go, according to Google.

    By Google

  4. Online access in a multiplatform world 2009

    Mobile internet access in 2009

    Pew Internet,

  5. Cell Internet Use 2012

    17% of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or other device.

    By Aaron Smith, Pew Internet,

  6. Cell Internet Use 2013

    Mobile internet access in 2013

    Pew Internet,

  7. Teens and Technology 2013

    50% of teen smartphone owners aged 12-17 and 50% of young adults aged 18-29 say they use the internet mostly on their mobile phone.

    Pew Internet,

  8. Only 6% Of Top 100 Fortune 500 Companies Comply With Google’s Mobile Requirements

    44 of the Fortune 100 don’t have a mobile website AT ALL.

    Search Engine Land,

  9. Brands Struggle in Mobile

    Only 16% of brands have a mobile strategy, so it’s no surprise that only 14% are happy with the results.


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